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Tiffany Hodges: Reel (2:26)





“While The Cat’s Away” – Trailer
Selected for Festival De Cannes 2013
Indie Comedy (:41)

A handful of eccentric uninvited ex-flames one by one let themselves into Leanne’s house causing fears that her girlfriend, Fiona, has returned from her trip early.





"The Perfect Witness"
Indie Thriller (1:25, with Director’s Commentary)

“Off Season”
Indie Drama (1:41)
An innocent nurse winds up in an elevator with a serial killer and his perfect witness.
Valerie tries to be honest with her sister about how she’s handling her new relationship.
“After a Certain Point”
Indie Drama (3:47)

“The Advocate”
Indie Dramedy (:33)

Maureen and her boyfriend struggle with the possibility of a genetic disorder in their unborn child.
Tara tells off the sexist defense attorney after he humiliated her in court.

“Love in Harlem”
Indie Drama (:54)

“Day Job”
Indie Comedy (:43)
Rich won’t open up despite Susan’s attempts to connect to him.
Teresa complains about being stalked by her office pervert.





"One Life to Live"
ABC Daytime (2:07)

“Dysfunctional Duo”
Webisode Comedy (1:06)
Nurse Tiffany cares for a hunky recovering Ford (David Gregory) while Langston gets jealous.
Becca, the dysfunctional party girl, does not want to get out of bed.

"Life Behind Bars"
Webisode Comedy (1:28)

Two rich bitches torment bartenders who are trying to close.





"NY Profiles"
Interview Show (0:30)

Commercial (0:30)
Tiffany Hodges co-hosts this episode featuring Neil Sedaka.
Periscope Web Video promises to bring guests to your wedding.





"Moments with Masters"
Solo Show (1:21)

A modern day actress confronts Van Gogh, Picasso, and Toulouse-Lautrec on what it means to be a master of art



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