“Dream State”
Indie Thriller (0:41)

“Tick Tock"
Comedy Series (0:49)
A wife dies in a car accident and returns to haunt her husband.
Three women find themselves too old to fit in to trendy Brooklyn and must face the ticking of thier biological clocks.




“While The Cat’s Away” – Trailer
Indie Comedy (0:41)

“Hair Kutz”
Broad Comedy Series (0:25)
A handful of eccentric uninvited ex-flames one by one let themselves into Leanne’s house causing fears that her girlfriend, Fiona, has returned from her trip early.  
A new receptionist has a surprising first day at the local salon in Queens, New York.

"The Perfect Witness"
Indie Thriller (1:25, with Director’s Commentary)


"One Life to Live"
ABC Daytime (2:07)

An innocent nurse winds up in an elevator with a serial killer and his perfect witness.
Nurse Tiffany cares for a hunky recovering Ford (David Gregory) while Langston gets jealous.
“Off Season”
Indie Drama (1:41)
“Dysfunctional Duo”
Webisode Comedy (1:06)
Valerie tries to be honest with her sister about how she’s handling her new relationship.
Becca, the dysfunctional party girl, does not want to get out of bed.
“After a Certain Point”
Indie Drama (3:47)

"Life Behind Bars"
Webisode Comedy (1:28)

Maureen and her boyfriend struggle with the possibility of a genetic disorder in their unborn child.
Two rich bitches torment bartenders who are trying to close.

“The Advocate”
Indie Dramedy (:33)


"NY Profiles"
Interview Show (0:30)

Tara tells off the sexist defense attorney after he humiliated her in court.
Tiffany Hodges co-hosts this episode featuring Neil Sedaka.

“Love in Harlem”
Indie Drama (:54)

Commercial (0:30)
Rich won’t open up despite Susan’s attempts to connect to him.
Periscope Web Video promises to bring guests to your wedding.
“Day Job”
Indie Comedy (:43)

"Moments with Masters"
Solo Show (1:21)

Teresa complains about being stalked by her office pervert.
A modern day actress confronts Van Gogh, Picasso, and Toulouse-Lautrec on what it means to be a master of art





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